10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is really an amazing Smartphone, but with some great apps you can get best Android experience. The Google Play offers tons of applications that can help to boost the preinstalled apps on your Galaxy S4. You will find an array of apps available when you first turn the Smartphone on. Here is our list of best Samsung Galaxy S4 apps:


Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub

Samsung Hub tries to list all the greatest and latest content, games and applications currently available on the Google Play store. Available for free, the Hub is a curator service that single out the best of Android’s 600,000+ games and applications.


Samsung Apps


Samsung Apps

Samsung offers a good selection of apps to its customers through Samsung Apps. Some of them can’t be found anywhere else. The entire Samsung Apps store works much like the Google Play portal, so you can easily download the content and run on your device.


S Health Samsung App


S Health

S Health is the health and fitness app that tracks your drink intake, daily food and daily workouts and evens displays your comfort level depending up on the humidity and temperature. You may even purchase some extra Galaxy S4 accessories to go along with this app, such as scales and heart monitors to make sure all the information is in one place.


S Voice Samsung App


S Voice

S Voice is the voice assistant app. The app is most reliable to get weather information. Want to make a text or a call? Once again, you can rely on the S Voice. It can even open an application and search the web.


S Planner Samsung App


S Planner

It is another S app available on the application drawer. It is the default option for all the calendar activities on your Galaxy S4. So, the app opens when you open it or when you try to interact with other apps that use the calendar.


Group Play Samsung App


Group Play

With Group Play you can connect with your friends directly to play, share and co-create entertainment and content instantly. The Share Music option of this app lets you play the same song on multiple Galaxy phones in sync.


Dropbox App Android



Dropbox offers 2GB of free data space for you in the cloud. You may upload and access your data from anywhere anytime. If you have bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 or Note 2, you will get 50GB of free storage for 2 years.


Flipboard Android App



It is just like a digital magazine which is filled with subject matter and content selected by you. It looks visually amazing and can be placed on the home screen as a widget. It even gathers all the latest articles from all around the internet.


Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchOn App



With WatchOn feature of Samsung you get a new world of entertainment on your TV and on your smartphone. It lets you view the TV listings; both live broadcasts and on-demand on your phone and transfer them onto the bigger screen.



SketchBook Ink

SketchBook Ink

You may get the SketchBook Ink if you want to use the 5-in screen of your Galaxy S4 to draw, sketch and doodle away. With this app you can create pocketable masterpieces with the help of imported background images.

Author: Andrew Palmer

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