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iPhone vs Android

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If the idea of acquiring a Smartphone has crossed your mind, it would be wise if you paid some attention to an iPhone or an android simply because they have what it takes to revolutionize your computing world. Nevertheless, making a choice between the two devices isn’t an easy task, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

This is because these smartphones look almost similar, such that it can become hard for you to note their differences right away.One of the major concerns that you probably have is; which among the two smartphones is the best? Well, just like any other gadget on the market, these two smartphones have a share of advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the top 8 advantages that an iPhone has over a traditional Android Smartphone: -


1. Superior Design

If you take a look at an android Smartphone, you would think that it is the coolest in terms of industrial design, but wait until you see an iPhone. The latter carries the day when it comes to industrial design. It is a solid and magnificent built device that has already been confirmed to be the thinnest Smartphone on the market. Its latest version is also lighter in weight, making it very easy to hold and carry. Its colorful 4-inc Retina display concludes the debate on which among the two is superior in design.


2. Longer battery life

If you are looking for a Smartphone that will not require to be recharged more frequently, then an iPhone is a smart choice. Even though the battery life of android smartphones varies from one version to another due to the hardware used to make them, iPhone versions surpass them when it comes to saving battery power. The inability of androids to beat the iPhones can be attributed to the fact that they come in larger screens that tend to consume more battery power.


3. Faster performance

It’s proven that iPhone smartphones are faster in performance when placed side to side with android smartphones. In fact, the iPhone 5 surpasses most android versions in terms of cellular data speed, since it supports true 4G LTE networking.


4. Better photo quality

Even though android beats iPhone when it comes to camera features, it does not manage to surpass it on photo quality. Images from iPhone (especially the iPhone 5) are sharper and more effervescent than those taken from an android phone. iPhone delivers consistent photo quality whether used indoors or outdoors, something that android fails to do in par.


5. Additional accessories

When it comes to iPhones, there are all sorts of accessories available, including a wide range of phone cases, iPhone-holding ramen bowls, iPhone-disguising cases, built-in stun gun and Victorian-style gramophone horns among others. The reason why iPhones have so many accessories is because their hardware is consistent, since it chances once in every two years. This is not usually the case with android phones, since they are usually split among various manufacturers. This makes each android device to be attuned with much smaller selection of Smartphones.


6. High quality apps

Many are those that argue that iOS apps are of high quality and better developed than apps from other devices. Most iOS apps are full of features, easy to use and are also well developed. Actually, many companies prefer to start as iOS-only services before they become available elsewhere.


7. Easiest to use

If you were to ask iPhone users why they prefer it over other phones, a huge percentage will admit that the ease of using an iPhone was one of the things that helped them make their choice. Unlike with android, messing up your iPhone is less unlikely. It is possible to have android apps configured in the wrong way, but this is not usually the case with iPhone. Besides having a very simple interface, there are no hidden menus on iPhones, thus makes it easy for people to be familiar with these Smartphones easily.


8. Greater accessibility

iPhone is definitely the most ideal Smartphone for people who require special accessibility options. Some iPhone accessibility features have been proven to be very useful to blind users.One indisputable fact in the battle between these two Smartphones, however, is that neither of the two can be said to be better than the other. Different people have different inclinations in regard to what they want in a Smartphone. Just like there are some advantages that iPhone has over android, there are also some advantages that android has over iPhone. Also don’t forget that Appstore has way more mobile applications and development possibilities.


Author Bio:- Shanal A, is a Technical Writer at TechAhead Software a leading iPhone application development organization. He loves to spend his time reading about the latest technology news.

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